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[LG-HSL0809GX] VirtuaLine Laser – Green


GREEN Line Laser
VirtuaLine Lasers are Eye Safe and project a thin, well visible Laser Line in either Red or Green Color. They are very efficient for projecting long stretches of walkways or lanes and can be combined with Virtual Signs.


VirtuaLine Line Laser – Line Color GREEN

The VirtuaLine is perfect for pedestrian safety, reducing accidents by increasing the facility awareness with visible walkways, aisles, or lanes. Therefore, it reduces lost time by decreasing accidents, and unplanned work stoppages for safety signs maintenance.

Key Features

  • Projects a high-intensity laser line on any surface
  • Water, Weather, Dust Resistant: IP67
  • Available Projection Colors: Red and Green
  • Projection Type: Line
  • IEC Safety Classification: 3R (no additional safety eyewear required)
  • Casing: Machined Aluminum anodized Red

Projects Wide Lines at Short Distances, for example:

  • 24ft length at 12ft distance
  • 30ft length at 15ft distance
  • 40ft length at 20ft distance
  • 60ft length at 30ft distance

Package Includes

  • Laser mounted in block
  • Adjustable mounting bracket for easy positioning of projection onto a surface
  • 110/240V AC power supply


  • Class: 3R (Eye Safe, complies with IEC 60825-1 2014-05)
  • Wavelength: Green 520nm, Red 635nm
  • Output Power: >5mW
  • Input: 3-6V DC, 200mA
  • Power supply 110/240V included
  • Power cable length: 12ft
  • TTL Modulation Input: 0-5V DC
  • Water and Weather Resistance: IP67
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0° to 120°F (-20°C to 50°C)
  • Warranty: One year manufacturer warranty
  • Working Lifetime: +10,000 Hours


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